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Interior design modern style bright tone - Mr Jack

When faced with a brief about interior design for a young couple who just love to travel. The architect offers a bright, clean space where couples can feel free and inspired. The apartment uses a lot of quiet white space as a major factor to maintain the feeling of lightness and clarity. The team wants the interior to have a quiet effect rooted in its simplicity.

The living room in this home is not a large scale, like a contemporary artwork giving it a mighty element.

The marble wall adds a bit of sophistication and glides onto the light gray of a modern sofa.

The high-end wine dispenser keeps drinks in the evenings close at hand and can also act as a divider through the living area.

The large white pillows soften and extend the lower part of the sofa, bringing more comfort when the night comes.

A large gray carpet pulled together very well.

A black Flos Mod 265 wall lamp extends out from the marble wall, providing light for the L-shaped sofa work.

An Atollo lamp adds a warm light to the entertainment units beneath the TV and the compact projection screen.

A glass interior window will slide out to reveal the next room.

The office space located here has bookshelves placed in the living room to accommodate volumes of references and work profiles.

Fruit bowls always make a center table and this fits the simplicity of the scheme.

The set of six modern dining chairs and rectangles here are black, contrasting with the white surroundings.

An angled dining table lamp associated with a monochrome palette.

A large indoor greenhouse forms another kind of split airy space.

Another green tree next to a comfortable lounge chair in the corner, making it a cozy place to curl the book or to bend over to play with the pet.

The style of a kitchen chair can have a great influence on the appearance of the kitchen.

This wooden footprint and white legs are modern Flow chairs.

A simple chrome chimney extractor is installed on the kitchen stove.

The kitchen continues the marble theme, prompting it to reflect the natural light from the large windows.

Stunning views provide views out while cooking and dining at the central dining table.

A light bar runs over the length of the great dining area.

A bank of black cabinets anchors light kitchen programs.

The black cabinet battles were combined with white wall pieces and stood facing a set of wooden drawers placed under the dining table.

Next to the TV, two black couch chairs nestled on the side of a small table for easy access to a glass of wine.

A new high-end white radiator combined with a pale room and greenery creates a bit of color for the pale room.

In addition to the less drinking areas we can see the home office space is partially concealed by a colored glass partition.

Ergonomic chair styles we find here in the home office space are Herman Miller Aeron.

A long table offers plenty of space to spread out and work alongside the bustling city scene.

A long light bar, similar to the example we found on the kitchen table, illuminated the entire screen from above.

Workspace is sparkling, no desk light, paper tray and pen tray.

Behind another wall of smoke glasses we find the master suite.

The bedroom is a spacious space, relax.

A round floor mats spill out from under the low gray bed.

Two small wall lights provide light reading at night under a set of wall cabinets on the shallow wall.

The bedside lamps complement the refrigerator as the same Atollo lamp as we saw on the living room TV.

Different from the other knick-knacks on the bedside units to keep the space quiet, promote good sleep.

Part of the art film offers the single splash of color in the bedroom.

The house has a spacious wardrobe to keep the fashionable collection and bedroom clear.

In the bathroom, a pop color suddenly appears as a scarf on the wall.

Red railways are the only blocking material in the room and the whole house.


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