Interior design Luxury

Interior design modern style today

The cozy house is the last stop beside your loved ones for a day. After hours of work or study tired. Therefore, the interior products selected in the interior design must be luxurious and delicate. This is the choice of the majority of families today.

With lots of colors and interesting patterns, this landlord likes to look at the fun side of life.

Living room space is quite long but every inch of space is used for a specific function. Space has a basic monochrome color to showcase all the other design features. This makes it more prominent.

There are many different colors and patterns in the apartment, more moderate but not too much.

The entertainment / learning area is gray. But different shades and white colors prevent this from getting boring. The empty frame, and a small house made an attractive design element that would be appreciated. There are so many shelves here that provide stylish storage space

What actually takes this apartment to the next level is the multi-colored three-dimensional wall. Complex patterns are very attractive to see, which is a really nice aspect to the home.

The kitchen does not occupy much space. But there is still something a modern chef can expect. And enough space to work!

At first glance, the corridor looks normal, even boring. But when you look back, you will see the wall is stressed, and all the design elements of the apartment work together to create a special thing.

With a room like this, you will never want to leave. A glossy backlight wall with LED backlight, keeps a T.V flat screen. Facing a bed like a cloud - all for the comfort of the host.

Elegant pendant lamps, but not enough. An elegant way to help homeowners to read books at night.


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