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Interior design multifunction in Scandinavian style

For a family with children in the home, it is important to have an interior design that does not affect the child. This important point was exploited to design the apartment as it was. A multi-functional apartment and very good for families with Scandinavian children.

What is the difference in Scandinavian interior design? Speaking of Scandinavian - North Europe we will imagine it to be very luxurious and western. So how does it really look like?

Simple but still full of power. Turbulence in a very subtle way. Great utility when used, very neat little area. Through these characteristics we can also feel why this design line is very popular.

The apartment is very convenient for families with young children. The apartment has an area of ​​60 square meters consisting of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, study room and balcony. This area is enough for a family here.

By using neutral colors for the background of the apartment. Help with home appliances / appliances as emphasized. Make them stand out in detail on a weak background.

The guest room introduces a seductive image as a cozy family room. Sofa is the perfect place to sleep and watch movies together. Along with the abundance of pillows and a woolen blanket over it will create a stronger impression.

The "pots" on the coffee table overhang and can rotate. This coffee table is in the minimalist style of Scandinavia. And the curtain also contributes to the surrounding furniture is more focused.

This living room does not actually have expensive ornaments. Because it can be broken, falling for children's curiosity or for a second, it can also hurt the baby.

Black and white tables and chairs are a dining space with beautiful views to enjoy meals. A set of ornamental plants ensures that the space is refreshed and is an enjoyable place to enjoy your "finished product".

The abstract paintings combined with yellow and gray carpets provide added feeling for the living room to bring the two elements together. The space is not complete without the accessories that are the good point in this interior design kit.

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