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Interior design of 2 bedroom apartment The Sun Avenua - Anh Hoang District 2

The apartment belongs to The Sun Avenue Mai Chi Tho Q2 project, designed in a semi-classical style for homeowners who are quite successful and have a social status. Create a luxurious and classy space for all family members.

Interior design 2-bedroom luxury package at The Sun Avenua in a modern style, bringing luxury to the forefront.

The living room space is designed in bright tones, accompanied by a prominent highlight with iridescent gold plates.

Crystal lamps always appear in high-end interior designs to honor the luxury as well as create the value of design.

Besides, the set of gold-plated inox leather seats is also indispensable in the kitchen space.

Dining accessories will be more eye-catching if you use high quality stainless steel and glass materials.

Having a shoe collection in a well-off family cannot afford a shoe cabinet with great storage capacity.

Demand for glass cabinets is very popular today so you will see a lot of high-end designs.

The neoclassical style will give you a modern-day princess-like sleeping space on a pink background.

Pressing a little border and wallpaper is enough to make your space the most modern and luxurious.

The parent's bedroom is designed in a deep tone of color at the right age for use and is equally harmonious and luxurious.


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