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Interior design of 2 bedroom Palm Garden apartment in District 2 - Ms. Hue

Interior design of 79.3m2 two-bedroom apartment will be a new and modern design for a new high-class apartment located in District 2.

The living room at the apartment is large, not separated by the bedroom like other apartment spaces so we can arrange a dining table behind the sofa.

Modern style is still one of the new trends for these years, everything is complete from accentuated, dark colors in different pieces.

Around the three main accents are orange, white and gray. 2 background colors and 1 accent color interweave together to create a look that blends into the visitor.

If you use shiny black Acrylic glass, you will own a more luxurious space like a table in the space we design.

Bedroom furniture space is also used in modern style.

The bed and study desk with pedestal would be a useful design for this small bedroom.

If customers feel comfortable looking into their wardrobe, choose a mirror as a cabinet door as it will make your space more luxurious and light up.


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