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Interior design of 2 bedroom warm nest interior with luxurious light tones

You are looking for a truly gentle and reasonable interior design solution with a pocket of money or finding a design that you personally like when you see it somewhere. Everything has Angel Furniture, we specialize in designing and executing all customers' wishes for housing and rental projects to hotels and offices. This is one of the designs that will be constructed in 2019 after the Lunar New Year.

The open-plan living room holds two white L-shaped sofas around the cardboard glass tea table. A modern gray chair is opposite to show the cozy part of the room.

The black and white living room is covered with subtle blue and brown cushions on the sofas. Perimeter LEDs, concave track lighting systems and modern wall lights illuminate adjacent walkways to bedrooms and bathrooms.

A black arc-shaped floor lamp illuminates the center of the living room. TV wall decoration creates a focal point of monochromatic learning models, storage cabinets for living room items are integrated next to TV walls and shelves for very convenient books.

A dining table and chair is considered as a cardboard with four dark dining chairs and a glass table like a tea table is considered a consistent synchronization for space.

A beautifully decorated ceiling light is placed on the living room area

The kitchen island of the kitchen is reduced to a U-shaped array with sinks for breakfast here, adding utilities, helping to move when washing hands.

The main bedroom revolves around a low black podium bed, wearing soft red pillows and gray mattresses. A gray bedroom chair attracted the look, and was combined with a small side table for books and a corner reading lamp.

A white chevron carpet softens the look of the wooden floor in the bedroom.

Luxurious bedroom lamp dangling from the floating bed. The LED strip around the bed edge creates an illusion that is clearly displayed.

Black and white bathrooms are styled according to hard edges and linear forms. A cuboid chair is located in a long mirror, in front of a very cubic bathtub. A toilet pan with hard edges protrudes from a wall that is clad in small black rectangular tiles. A striped carpet is used to create a uniform color of the whole room.

On the opposite wall of the bathroom, a modern bathroom linked to a high bathroom storage cabinet with two gray tones.


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