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Interior design of 20m2 bedroom with individual personality

Modern bedroom interior design with a unique bed for customers who love the cuteness and pink color.

The long pink padded bed creates a connection between the bed and the space around a bedside table.

On the other side of the bed, a green cabinet has a cabinet design designed to accentuate the wall here.

Besides, decorating the glass in the room like a high-class hotel increases the space for the room space.

A neat green floor lamp provides a colorful accent.

Gray sheets with dark gray bedroom walls slightly raised the contrast of the color details.

Glass at the bedroom wall will be a memorable spot for your room.

A curtain can be designed on the glass wall bathroom to provide more privacy to pull out to provide when natural light is needed from the reflective bedroom window.

The bedroom cabinet is decorated with a symbolic bust of Frida Kahlo, evoking the feminine atmosphere in space.

A glass-walled dressing room runs to the end of the bedroom.

Glass doors slide back to bring in two walls of garment rails, shelves, multiple drawer cabinets and illuminated accessory trays.

The locker room has its own window, where a dressing table is located to take advantage of natural light.

The revealing window is painted with coral. Excellent white roller blinds diffuse the sun.

A mirror is contained inside a lid on the dressing table, which can be closed to maintain a sleek aesthetic when not in use. Vanity chair is a coral version of the plant print Masha Reva.


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