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Interior design of 3-bedroom Celadon apartment plan 2 - Mr Thuan

Interior design Celadon apartment is one of the projects that homeowners want to have two options to facilitate the interwoven selection. In terms of color, the two options are a bit contrasting in color and materials but still keep the neatness and sophistication of the current interior design style.

One of the projects that Angel most satisfied customers with 2 options. From materials to different colors come from 2 options. This is the second option, starting with the dark brown leather sofa set that stands out in the middle of the living room.

In order not to stray the color of the tea table, we have to strengthen the sofa, we choose black.

All decorations on the table will be more prominent when using 2 dark colors to hit the color of the decorations.

Besides, the living room space has an additional kitchen island next to the kitchen because homeowners are interested in Western style a bit. This is both convenient when cooking with a table to order food, and a resting place with high chairs.

The dining area area has a large wine cabinet, because the homeowner likes to distill the wine, we put the decoration cabinet right here in accordance with the design layout, both to please the owner.

A shoe locker combined with a shoe changing seat will be ideal when you step inside without worrying about where you will sit to remove shoes or stand.

The kitchen system features a yellow kitchen mirror glass mirror with the wood color of the kitchen.

L multi-functional kitchen system with great storage capacity for housewives.

Space for bedroom interior design.


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