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Interior design of 50m2 apartment saves area with iron and glass frame door

A suggestion for interior design with iron and glass frames will be a Western European feature for your apartment. Although the area is a bit small but arranged and decorated reasonably, everything seems to exude a great attraction.

A small living room receives light borrowed from the adjacent bedroom through glass panels. A 360-degree rotating wall light will provide the sofa light.

A dark gray painted tv wall matches the color of the modern sofa. The lower half of the wall is solid white, featuring white fire arches and black fireplaces.

The wall between the bedroom and the living room can decorate the wall pictures very well.

And it is impossible for the house to be green for the house with potted plants on the window porch.

The desk at home stands opposite the bedroom, decorated with a colorful art picture.

On the side of the home office area there is a relaxing swivel chair to read.

The green highlight wall inside the master bedroom is rough brick.

White Macramé is sharp on a dark painted brick floor.

The theme of the walls is green trees with white cardboard.

Wooden wall paneling and a green reflective mirror of nature.


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