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Interior design of 6 charming bathrooms in the world.

You often overlook the most ordinary space in the apartment, which is the bathroom. And since then, the architects have worked hard to understand both the technical and the technological. Then after a while, they came back with impressive interior design with the bathroom. From water supply devices, user needs to space are changed. These 6 bathrooms will leave a lasting impression on those who have seen it.

1. Minosa Design Project: Beachfront Bungalow, Sydney - Australia

To meet the needs of a seven-person family. A bathroom in a wooden house in Coogee, Sydney's coastal suburbs, has two places at the same time.

The interior design includes a bathtub and extended shower with stainless steel shower head.

It is located on a Carrera stone floor that is spread over the wall with useful niches for keeping bathroom furniture.

2. Apartment project in Essex, Wrabness - United Kingdom

Located in the roof verandah, the bathroom at A House for Essex offers the user a direct view of the street.

Tile in bathroom and mosaic bath - made in dark green with copper fittings.

A one-way mirror film is applied on the side window providing privacy.

3. UNStudio Project - Nederland

In the apartment of this house, the owner is immersed in a waterproof limestone bowl.

Acrylic ball gloss over the walls and floor of the bathroom extremely clear.

Here, in the bedroom, you can rest and take a bath in your own room.

4. L'Horizon Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, California.

Built in 1952 by famed architect William F. Cody, this desert oasis hotel with 25 rooms has recently become the work of interior designer Steve Hermann.

As in the golden age of Hollywood. The bathroom has a marble bar and walnut cabinet, hardware like a faucet ... made of impressive bronze.

5. Company: Markzeff Town House Project - New York.

The owner of this brown building is a finance director and his wife. This place is found on one of the best protected streets of Village West.

The bathroom floor is cemented using 19th century technology. Along with the pattern poured into each brick before drying has created a perfect picture.

6. Okavango Delta Sandibe Safari Project - Okavango Delta Lodge, Botswana

Inside, sleeping areas and open-style baths, "its neutral tones create a wild feel.

Almost space is made of wood combined with two large mirrors help the room wider.

And especially this design is one of the unique design in the world.


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