Interior design for rent

Interior design of a 2 bedroom apartment La Premier District 2

Interior design 2 bedrooms La Premier in a modern style, maximum capacity, reasonable prices for mid-range apartments in District 2.

Because the design needs of the owner is for rent, the interior of this apartment must be carefully selected to have the most reasonable price as the customer wants.

The living room area features a stone tea table and black metal legs standing in the middle of the cream-wood interior and white tiles.

The kitchen area is located neatly next to the sofa but is fully functional to fit in the chefs in the house. Besides the capacity of the cabinet a lot, inside the cabinet is also designed to put trash or smart drawers.

This area shows us a simple thin wooden table design that will make this area more harmonious without being burdened by too much wood.

A little decoration on the shoe cabinet combined with shoe changing pedestal will be the best choice to help your apartment cleaner.

Space of interior design for parents 'bedroom has bright yellow tones due to the homeowners' destiny.

Space interior design child bedroom.


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