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Interior design of a 2-bedroom apartment in Bien Hoa 40m2 - Ms. Hue

Interior design of 2-bedroom apartment Bien Hoa 40m2 in warm tones and lines of modern interior design interwoven between industrial furniture will bring the most satisfaction to your apartment.

No matter how small the area, our architects can make them more airy thanks to reasonable decoration but never lack the function of the furniture. The living room owns an L sofa, a small tea table that is delicious but no less luxurious. Compact TV shelf just enough to store the necessary objects.

The 6-person dining table fits into the kitchen cabinet, making them intertwined to form a certain indie element in the design.

Since the owner owns a piano for their children, we put it in the closet next to the shoe closet - a closet that doesn't pay close attention to when you own a house, it will help you be more tidy when you have it.

System kitchen cabinets with maximum capacity, this helps carry housewives will be happy because his kitchen compartment extremely neat and tidy.

A bit of decoration for the dining table is the blue glass, which helps the dining table to increase the area because of its illusion.

Convenient bedroom with 1m2 bed for small children and an extremely compact tad headboard.







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