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Interior design of a villa from Ms My - Tien Giang

Interior design of Ms. My Villa in Tien Giang is one of the projects that is starting to commence in December this year.

Space interior design for parents room (master).

Color of elegant elegance will be the priority that homeowners want when designing the plan for this room

Neoclassical interior design style is always one of the top options when it comes to luxury.

Interior design of son bedroom space.

The bedroom of the son clearly shows modern style with color and wood color as the main focus for the room.

Even if you use wood from wood floors to the headboard walls and wooden cabinets, the color choice, the harmonious combination has boldly made you feel lighter wood color, not too heavy.

Fully functional, neat modern square furniture is shown quite in detail in this room.

The large wall of the TV will be a highlight for the woody room, it draws attention when watching TV as well as reflecting the light on the beautiful stone background when looking at.

Interior design of big daughter bedroom.

A gentle pink pastel for the daughter of the landlord has created a great room for design.

For girls, the most important highlight is the dressing table and must have beautiful, feminine decorations.

Interior design of big daughter bedroom.


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