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Interior design of adjoining house in Vung Tau City - Miss Nha

Scandinavia is one of the most popular interior design styles due to its gentle and elegant design. An ice-cold styling that highlights the glistening snow of Northern Europe will highlight your brilliant colors in the space of the room. Please visit the design impression through the impressive highlight with Angel.

This house uses a single pillow thrown on the sofa to add a color explosion to the pale Scandinavian palette in the main living area.

The distinctive signs in this contemporary home are clearly monochromatic.

Simple text decoration will give you positive advice in your daily life.

A wooden fire creates brilliant light accompanied by warm sounds.

In addition to the unique wooden flooring space, we have also designed a more elaborate wooden staircase.

The same color continues throughout the open house plan for a cohesive look.

In the kitchen, a couple of yellow cups carry the voice, hangs proud of the place on the other monochrome examples and a glass of wine.

The home office area is still an empty space, perfect for concentration.

Only one bedroom but everything is very luxurious because the area is quite wide and the layout is excellent. 


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