Interior design for rent

Interior design of apartments Ms. Phuong - Anh Toai Centana District 2

Interior design of mid-range apartments brings an unimaginable beauty compared to the amount of investment. So what are you waiting for without re-coloring your house to welcome the new year?
With an area of ​​70m2 with 2 bedrooms, homeowners have chosen for themselves a full interior design package with a few more details to enjoy the color scheme and layout of objects in Angel's design.
The owner of the Kim network should tone the color more toward brown and yellow for feng shui.
The hobby of homeowners is to want more shelves to put decorative items to create an eye for the house, so we have to deploy the wingless shelves as well as the corners of the cabinets as reasonably as possible. the owner.
A little press on the wooden floor here will be a way to help the apartment have a little change at the floor.
The neat and tidy place where many items are stored is the strength of this bright white kitchen.
You will clearly see the angles showing the decorations that the owner wants.
Space for bedroom interior design.
Angel interior design - Breakthrough ideas - Create class.