Interior design for rent

Interior design of Ehome apartment Binh Chanh - Ms. Linh

One of the apartments in the mid-range segment is designed with bright colors, MDF wooden furniture with moisture-proof An Cuong quality, modern style just enough for small families.

Space all apartments in light tones, knocking furniture and wooden decorations on a bright white background.

The landlord likes light wood on a light background, so both the dining table and chairs are made from light-colored wood with other furniture.

Architects make the most of the living room by taking advantage of the light from the window rather than completely covering it, which will make your living room take advantage of natural light.

No matter how small the area, everything can be arranged and designed in the best way to best increase the area.

The quality and warranty of Angel furniture always brings peace of mind when used with a warranty period of over 5 years.

The room is too small but still full of necessary functions for the bedroom space.

Simple kitchen system, sufficient storage space as well as living inside the kitchen.

Angel interior design - Breaking ideas - Creating class