Interior design knowledge

Interior design of high ceilings with natural materials

In the era of concrete and interior design of the wood industry will help you forget the natural beauty. When natural wood is put into the design, the first and natural material will say passionately. On the right is a natural gift, they have extreme stamina and endurance. Refer to Angel at the LOFT wood house for this variety, you will feel very elegant, especially when you bring me to this life.

For this site only 100m2, this is smaller for the design.Natural wood is suitable for all apartments but not for private homes.

Apartment design in a spiritual way, like wooden beams but not it. Tighten the wood to the wood, finishing everything without being affected.

Special wooden drawings starting with horizontal bars create a connection and position the room around the room when a hotel safe by pedal is made from a brilliant film.

In the dining area, open the door to your store in the extended classroom, light up the lamp client.

Creams and pads are complementary to colored wood, seen through windows and chairs. Change the keyboard with wool to create a rustic feel in modern space. Space space holds a lot of seating to create a bar-like dining area in the kitchen area.

Gray kitchen sink suitable for indoor flooring. The accents of the door will be used to add accessories to the home, along with the colors displayed on the desk.

In the bedroom, the light in the room makes the excitement from the cozy light bulb with its rustic decor.

Other wood-trimmed wooden walls and a beautifully decorated piece on the bed make you feel cozy and cozy.

It is interesting to see the most modern area, where the main apartment is the luxurious bathroom.

Brick tile and stone floor make sense like your representative in every detail.

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