Interior design for rent

Interior design of Khanh Apartment in Phu Hoa Apartment

Mr. Khanh - The owner of a Biconsi apartment even though it has an area of ​​31.9m2. But with confidence and wisdom, he chose Angel interior design alongside shoulder. Take the first steps to build a home.

Apartment space in Biconsi

As you walk through the door from outside, you will find a small space but very luxurious. Not only large apartments or other high-end apartments.

Apartment space

As well as from the top down view, although the apartment is full of objects of a luxury apartment but space is no less spacious because of the very elegant and reasonable arrangement of the interior design Angel.

Apartment space from the balcony looking into

From the balcony looking at also very elegant apartment even though using only a single gray tone mainstream

Gray is also divided into several layers, but here, we are being tested in the dark gray. And a light gray, professional, highlighting the interior design in a unique way.

Living room - kitchen

With 2 kitchen cabinets made of melamine MDF with moisture and deodorant. TAKA brand is easy to clean, this interior designed Angel apartment so you can "long battle".

Small bedroom space but also enough cool

The space is very cool when it is near the window. Where cool breezes will take us to sleep lightly.

Next to the bookshelf is shared for both rooms. Helping you just lie down and retrieve the book as conveniently as possible.


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