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Interior design of light gray tone for bedroom interior - Mr Dan

Designed for single young people, the platform uses a strong industrial approach to turn light gray into a city flame. The specific texture reflects the urban location of the 30-story apartment in a high-rise city. Despite the emphasis on rough materials, bold textiles can help soften the aesthetic for a more relaxed and relaxing experience.


Although a solid color palette, contrast still plays an important role in the internal theme. The smallest artwork combined with traditional rugs is just one of the most prominent juxtapositions.


It is difficult to find a more difficult space for industrial decoration, but at the same time it is more comfortable. The bed is clearly the center of space - the mattress looks like it can exceed the oversized frame.


Adjustable wall light for easy reading before going to bed.


The layout is very clever. Although the proper bedroom is full of sunlight, the walk-in closet takes up some of the walls without windows.


The sliding door allows a lot of light to penetrate inside.


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