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Interior design of Luxurious Penhouse Lux Garden 125m2 - Anh Quang

One of the high-end projects that we designed our complete interior in September is the 125m2 Penhouse of Mr. Quang.

Have you ever admired a luxurious space made of mainly stone material, this is a space where most of the stone is.

The living room space is a bit heavy but still retains color contrasts in the design.

The back walls of the sofa are designed in wood colors that contrast well with the gray velvet chairs.

The personality of the homeowner is to dare to play dark colors for his apartment with the most unique designs from our architect.

And conversely, the dining area is light in color for both the walls and the interior.

To maximize the storage capacity in this large apartment, we raised the extension cabinets to the passageway to increase the storage area, including shoes.

Space interior design bedroom parents.

Space for children's room interior design.


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