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Interior design of luxurious red apartment with gentle countryside

Red can be a difficult color to work with when it comes to interior design. Too much red and a space can end up feeling very upset because of the blinding and losing the beauty that the customer wants. Moreover, the modern elements weave through each room, but there are still many rustic features used in the apartment space that will make the customer prefer for the unique.

The main living space of the apartment is an open plan, consisting of a luxurious seating area, dining room and kitchenette.

The characteristic red element is honored at this main space.

Coupled with luxurious and vibrant elements such as red velvet sofas and fresh indigenous plants.

It is important to point out that red is believed to symbolize certain places in Ukraine, representing love and affection.

Small, hot items like candles decorate only add to this idea for a little extra warmth.

Although the living area does not have many square footage in this apartment, there is space for a unique coffee table nestled next to a modern sofa.

From the seating area to the kitchen, the red element begins to disintegrate, melting into a softer gray and some places white.

The light in the dining area is important for the transition from one area to the next and the overhead lighting works perfectly.

These beautiful beauties are the great dropping lights of Seagrass Market.

Beautiful elements in the dining room, such as decorative vases, wine glasses and fruit bowls, paint a picture of a cozy, comfortable living room that was created very delicately.

An inadequate red and gray dining chair adds a more modern element to the decor, while a modeling mat has its own charm.

The entrances have a lot of personality, with hanging skis and sitting areas and excellent storage in a dark, dark wooded setting.

Wood of the seating area with only one of the three wood types in this space, with chevron flooring and wood paneling complete the look.

A frosty wall separates the area from the bedroom and has a bit of cross-stitch appeal.

In the bedroom, the design of the bunk bed is quite unique, finding the bed lying straight on the floor.

The overall effect of the bedroom is bright and warm, with the bedside lamp and unique floor lamp obscured to look.

If you look closely, you will find this unique backlight can be at home in the home decor list as Star Wars.

Another modern element in this cozy bedroom is the corner sofa.

This chair would be the perfect place to sleep with a book on a snowy Ukrainian afternoon.

The floor design certainly has its own warmth.

In the bathroom, dark colors and rustic style come back with green tiles and natural wood cabinets.

Natural wood really shines in the sink, with uneven design that makes it look like a tree taken directly from the forest.


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