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Interior design of modern Penhouse Opal Riverside - Ms. Nhung

With a total area of ​​160m2, this high-class penhouse is designed with modern style interiors with light tones to bring beauty both modern and luxurious to the homeowners.

The amount of money is not much but also must bring the highest efficiency, which is the performance of interior design.

This penhouse apartment is designed in a modern style, put on top, compact so that the open space is the motto of the landlord for us.

The living room space is designed in rustic gray color and wood floors without accents, at this dining table is one of the interior that impresses the space with striking color chairs.

Looking up from the dining table, we can easily see the neat and tidy of modern furniture.

A slightly decorated dining table wall adds a touch of neoclassicalism.

In the bedroom, the TV shelf is designed to open as a break-up makeup box, besides this furniture helps to occupy the moving area when opening the drawers.

Synchronizing with the living room wall, but a bit more complicated can create a unique design.



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