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Interior design of oak cabin with modern style

Winter comes again, an interior design project carrying a sense of warmth for the winter has just finished. A project where the interior is made of high quality oak. Sitting in the warm autumn colors of the house just to remind memories and home to fight the cold of winter.

Warm colors, modern design style makes the furniture neat and most convenient.

Sofas and armchairs are available with a choice of lightweight materials.

In the dining area, the chairs fit in with the color of the sofa.

The kitchen is made up of a large charcoal dinner table and a "bank" of exposed kitchen racks that increase the sense of space.

The kitchen table has been resumed into a row against the central dining table to allow an aisle right on the perimeter of the room.

White tableware illuminates dark shelves, and chrome accessories like modern agitators light up the bench.

In the bedroom, the fish bone floor makes the illusion of open space more spacious.

Next to a stylish bench, part of the wall between the bedroom and the living area is a shelving arrangement that allows for direct viewing.

  A large edge bed is a highlight.

An indoor plant adds color to the scheme.

This bath can leave the dark decorative trend and be awakened with pure white.

White walls, ceilings and white floors, white showers and modern radiators.

A little light wood connects the decorations with other areas of the house, and we see familiar lighting effects to warm up the space.


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