Interior design of open style townhouses

While normal designs are so familiar in the lives around us. This house seems to have a rather traditional interior design when viewed from the living room. But when visiting the space home. Here again open the different views that visitors to the intense attraction of it in.

Modern interior design combined with early morning light will make the item "smooth" in a smooth way.

The impressive theme of this house is the dark bold lines that accentuate.

At the other end of the open space is a kitchen equipped with wood and white color. It is glistening with a bit of glamor due to the backsplash-style black-spotted tile roof. Blacksplash is a visual style, decorative stone pattern.

Rotating glass to the private area in the apartment is "mysterious"

This is a view towards the bedroom in a corner of the house.

Here, this special arrangement of bedside beds offers unique ultra-thin beds that leave room for a bed underneath.

Now, the shower is on the wood floor is becoming more and more popular.

The combination of wood and bright bricks is very popular because it brings warmth in any space.

While the interior of the room has a harmonious luxury. Then a bit of black marble will help to create the highlight is no less luxurious.


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