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Interior design of small apartment in contemporary style

Interior design of this small apartment brings the nature of space thanks to the wood material. An extremely warm welcome through the different colors of wood. Along with it, the architects have combined with the glossy black colors that help the apartment express contemporary style deep into the heart of the last time.

The interior of this apartment makes it feel like the interiors are interconnected because of the "open" arrangement.

Modern dining chairs create a unique decorative art in lieu of other decorations in the room.

A small table in the corner is used as a place for makeup or a desk.

In general, the interior design of the bedroom makes us feel special Thanks to the light indirect indirect light projected onto the wall covered with luxurious black canvas.

What a cozy entrance! Featured from top to bottom, this niche looks like a place to put things and put on shoes after a long day at work. And the mirror makes it easy to check your hair and outfit before leaving in the morning.

While the bathroom looks very much like the rest of the house, it looks clean due to the white color of the wood.

Open shelves are a great place to store handkerchiefs, simple decorations, or soaps and personal gear.


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