Interior design of small town living room

Interior design of small living room area in a smart way that is still useful enough. The most important thing is to be beautiful, luxurious but not too ostentatious. Here are two color schemes for the living room about 12m2. Contains a bright color scheme and a dark tone so you can choose from your own perspective.

Looking from the outside to the white curtains will see the glass door white pair with the same color of the curtain. Bring elegance from outside to look at or open the door to look at this design. Sofas for 3 chairs + extra bench for watching movies. Melamine-plated MDF panels are lined with extra-fine glass panels. Additional drawers for carrying electronic devices such as controllers ....

With wooden shelves for interior decoration and just to decorate the eye. The edges, the blocks are processed very delicate design designed for this multi-functional shelves. Some white shingled boards add decorative touches to this shelf. Shelves are the soul of the whole living room, if it's beautiful, it will take your house to new heights.

Living room space has the perfect light from the modern lights. Combined with it is a simple plaster ceiling with LED layout around. Open up when guests visit to hit the living room is what is equal. Due to the need to reduce noise to disturb neighbors. So the wall in the living room is designed to absorb sound and also make a different design for the house. In the middle of the ceiling is arranged a light bulb composed of many simple cubes. Help the room is not lacking in the most positive way.

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