Interior design Luxury

Interior design of Tecco - Tower apartment 70m2 extremely personality.

The apartment has an interior design of only 70m2, arranged smart furniture, harmonious layout will make the space larger than the current area.


The clean, airy space provides an ideal place to live.

A pumpkin chair is placed as a highlight for the living room space is very eye-catching.

An overview of the space using black as the dominant color, this will help you want to accentuate the interior of contrasting colors more easily.

Set of black dining table set next to the kitchen for convenient travel and use.

The coffee floor stretches from the house entrance to the kitchen with beautiful space from the window.

A little pink for the black glass kitchen system, bar blue bar pumpkin harmony with living room sofas.

The entrance and exit area is also taken care of slightly with shoe racks combined with shoes changing seats very reasonable.

An extremely decorative wall mirror in this modern bedroom.

The circular theme placed by the bedside mirror is repeated in the shape of a unique table.

The circular theme has been adorned many times, in front of you is an extremely intelligent makeup frame.

A laundry area is incorporated into the walkway in the closet, to ensure the collection of clothes is kept on top and stored.

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