Interior design of the city of Ba Ria - Anh Minh

Customers cooperate with Angel for interior design and interior decoration in Ba Ria city. He came up with the reason for not trusting the construction teams in Ba Ria and wanting to own a beautifully designed house. Currently, the house has been designed and is in the process of construction.

Homeowners want to design a home in a modern style, a style that simplifies the performance of the interior.
With an average investment of 2 floors, we have to choose the best materials in the price range to work together to create the design.

The color of the house is white main will be the base for wood furniture to create a clear cut.
With the usual MFC wood kitchen, if you change the economics a bit, we will have acrid lacquered wood that will be more classy and classier with their shiny power.

Brick colors are bright concrete colors that will be very dirty and create decorative points for the floor.
Metal table and chair is also a fusion style for this bright shade.

The entire space of the MFC wood stove and divider design is matched to the accessories the homeowners are prepared to buy.

Children's room is beautiful with color accent is yellow and blue, that is the color will help baby room more bright, create more enthusiasm for children learning, play.

Besides, the cute "Minion" will stir up the room where he learns in the model of a small