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Interior design of the house in the forest in harmony with nature

Interior design of a house for you to live in a natural environment is very time consuming because there are many problems to solve. As you have to watch the wind, sun, decorate the trees in the house to keep the house cool. The house on this beautiful hill will take a lot of time to get you involved.

The house is located in the south of a residential area on the hill, where the special climate welcomes us.

Even a glimpse of the exterior of the house will make for an excitement with many green trees.

From the street, the lovely exterior of the house is all but hidden behind the lush foliage.

Trees will make this rustic house much more attractive, sometimes only guests are attracted by the green tree rather than the interior apartment.

The interior is not disappointed with its large ceilings and open-plan ceilings.

The neat design allows the eyes to look back from the rich wood flooring to the classical-style furniture and carefully arrange the shelves.

Instead of large works of art, the plates transformed the family's books into their own artwork.

The greenery from the outside has even managed to wind its way into the house in the form of a few well chosen houseplants.

A larger table than a family enough for the needs of themselves, but for a great reason for large family meals and family visits.

Stairs embrace the wall down to create a bit more industrial edge into the interior.

Open the wooden steps overlooking a collection of wall hangers for hats, jackets and accessories.

Of course the second floor also brings a great vantage point for anything that can be going down below.

Excessive oversize lamps are necessary when natural light disappears beneath the horizon.

The parallel panel on the ceiling is a fascinating detail.

The upper level is home to many bungalows as well as its own slick wood floor.

Direct sunlight gives living to a herb garden stacked outside while a spiral staircase goes on.

One of those bustling parties can certainly lead to an extra night spent comfortably in the hammock.

The vineyards climb the outdoor plazas, creating a great place to stay in the courtyard.

The red brick flooring is also pretty cool.

The tiles and wooden tables serve to make this welcome space more enjoyable.

Both floors of the house fascinate their obsession with plant life.


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