Interior design of the living room in the house

Balancing efficiency with comfort is a constant challenge for designers. Everyone is focused on organization and openness as a top priority in interior design. Designs should be more eye-catching

Let's start with the refurbished modern apartment designed for a homeowner who wants a more comfortable and relaxed place to unpack at the end of the day. The project started by removing the interior walls of the restraint. Use dark interiors with a new spring color theme to take advantage of the light spilling through the large windows.

This will open a spacious living space, decorated with brilliant woods with wooden furniture in yellow. The bronze color immediately catches the eye thanks to the central position of the luminaire that impresses.

Similarly, the artwork is still very simple and focuses on the black-and-white theme of the wall.

A small light dining table separates the kitchen into a convenient place to prepare food. Or maybe put things of interest for the new day on this table. Provided by two rounded light bulbs that are dropping from the ceiling to the eye.

Black is divided into layers to help broaden the perception of depths designed for the work area.

Special guests require ample space to store bicycles. The designers provide accommodation not only with convenience but also with their own unique design needs.

Now, landlords can easily get a bicycle before heading to work in the morning. Guests entering the home also see the welcome with a unique jewelry.

Decorative brass frame and light color appear again in the bedroom.

The bedroom adds a touch of contrast to the dark interior.

On the other side of the room, a table is arranged neatly to serve the rest. Or maybe a laptop place, which provides a new perspective on the room.

In the bathroom, smooth tile tile lining creates a texture and tone similar to wood. It creates a warm and comfortable place to cleanse the body, relax.


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