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Interior design of the modern City Tower - Mr Khoa

By 2017, the interior design of apartments is divided into two most prominent schools. That is the modern and classical school. The creation of a modern interior design was attributed to a group of European designers at the Bauhaus School in Germany in 1919.


The advent of modern architecture has brought about the formation of modern style. These are designs in the twenties of the twentieth century.

The living room is simple but offers a modern look What is the modern style? Modern, clean interior design emphasizes on the ability to work. And avoid the cumbersome accessories of excessive decoration often found in many other styles. Some people feel that the modern design is too simple, coarse or cold. However, when properly planned. It will create a peaceful and simple feeling for your home


Apartment space viewed from the entrance door Modern style design in City Tower. Apartment area 55.65m2 consists of 2 bedrooms and a living room. White - gray in modern interior design. With the right combination of colors to create the hit and light in the apartment space.

Design advantages for the apartment: Hanging is also an indispensable style for homeowners Sleeping simple, comfortable to increase living space Natural light helps to shine in the morning Innovative designer wardrobe always brings the highlight of the room

Complete kitchen cabinets from cooking to baking without fear of scrubbing

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