Cafe Hotel

Interior design of the most harmonious hotel rooms

The interior design of the hotel room naturally brings the most harmony. The material that is exposed to the gray of the entire bedroom. The layout will make the room enhance the luxury of this hotel room.

Despite the simple decor, this room still retains many features to express personal. Frequently through artwork with lights or paintings.

Wiring a round ball to the bed is very interesting. Not only that, but it also brought in the room. Interior design a coffee corner right in the beautiful room.

At the corner, the warm curtains and luxurious seating make a lovely environment for chatting or enjoying a cup of coffee. Benches are a design item of Angel. Space with more tables on it you will feel like going to coffee in a very luxurious place.

Unique light elements create subtle light for the room. Eye-catching features include a small fireplace, LED array under bookshelves. And a magnificent crown from Angel supplier The wardrobe is very functional

Of course, can not miss the great walk clothes! The chests were designed in the Angel workshop, divided from large compartments for small chambers. Helps to split the gadget with more gadget choices


Angel interior design - beautiful design must have beautiful furniture.