Interior design of the villa mainly wood

In interior design, wood is considered a factor can not be missed when designing a beautiful house. Wood is a very popular material in the art of home decor. Its power brings natural warmth and warmth to even a modern space.

Design villa style "open". An open-plan villa is excellent when used mostly in wood.

Wood is used from floor to ceiling, but each part has a wood or slightly different color.

Unique wooden ceiling, you will see very nice when closer to the wood. Combined with square headlights, it is a good light that is not very dazzlingly modern. A corner of the house is decorated with gentle curves of the guitar. Or the drums impress, this pleases the owner with a passion for music available.

A low wooden shelf is designed in the main living area and is very comfortable to decorate.

Use a light cream white color for the sofa between the neutral colors pretty nice.

Wooden cabinets are placed with each other to create attractive shelf space attractive.

As we move into the dining area, elements like wooden tables and chairs are darker. That makes a big difference in color but does not lose the main color.

The "open" design with its substance, there is no separation between spaces. Create a very tight connection.

The dining table is large enough to accommodate 8 to 10 people.

A small lounge area outside the dining room is an ideal place to enjoy aperitif.

In the bedroom, natural wood grain is a luxury in interior design.

Step through the second bedroom used gray to create a relaxed atmosphere. Wavy wood ceiling design.

Unique creative ceiling design is a real eye-catcher in this home.

The marble floor reflects light to bring warmth in the main living space.

In the bathroom, the freezer contrasts with more marble tubs for an impressive view.

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