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Interior design of vintage style with bold old - Ms. Thuy

The retro-inspired interior is a trend that expresses a little classic modern style. Vintage design from 1910 to 1930. The retro style returned from the 1950s to the 80s. Both styles want to convey past design elements. Through each decoration, through the memories of ancient furniture, accompanied by emotional awakening. This power will evoke memories that people have never had before with everyone.

This is really the way to decorate the shelves in the house, making them special.

For example, modern watches and many favorite books are the master's space.

Using an internal window to enter the office can make the space feel bigger and allow more natural light to enter the room.

There is a beautiful closet near the front door for immediate retro style.

The home has a wardrobe shelf because there are few decorations.

There are several cans on the ceiling near the front door and the cabinet, providing clean air to the house with a touch of blue nature.

There is also a little beside the cabinet.

The hallway overlooks many bookshelves for the owner to collect.

The glass cover can slide over the shelf or as a door to the office space, placing the pet outside.

The internal windows are especially useful for the office because the windows in this room are very small.

Add bookshelves and some simple furniture to create an inspiring workspace.

Looking out from the living room, you can see some Japanese-style animal tubes.

The window seat provides some hidden lockers, which is undoubtedly a sunny place in the seating space.

The comfortably designed kitchen has only a separate kitchen and the dining table extends from the counter.

Simple modern chairs scattered under the table when not in use are neatly arranged. In addition, there is a dark and creative wood mixture for the eclectic, free kitchen.

A small kitchen for light cooking and some favorite cups.

A single white kitchen chair is perfect for a casual corner in the kitchen. This beautiful modern version is one of the new designs launched in 2017.

The tile floor pattern is a classic latex tone developed in the kitchen interior design.

Moving into a private space, with just a bed and a comfortable furniture reading chair, the bedroom can be easily maintained.

Natural wood flooring can be used as a closet, but it stays away from prying eyes.

Instead of bedside lamps, the wall lights are inspired by the classic style.

Just like the bedroom space, the bathroom design is simple, but equally luxurious.



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