Interior design office furniture business - BW Live Company

Office furniture design is relatively small area but still glistens the brand glamor. The interior is decorated with wood, mostly on a gray background with a bit of a blue tone that will retain a bit of memory when you arrive at the office.

The small size is just enough for a meeting room and a work room combined with guests.
A long natural wood table is combined from many pieces will bring the warmth and elegance for meeting rooms, presentations.
Around the table are 12 chairs with extremely cool fabric, neat for the meeting room with large capacity but small area.

Right hand side is the reception hall with wide walkway and the reception desk is highlighted blue highlight the office to attract attention to customers.
On the left hand side is the work area divided into storage cabinets, which will help a single work, both storage and path separation.

This is a well-designed dining area with spotlights and a number of bar and round tables that create a nice amusement park where staff think in the middle of the day.