Interior design Penthouse - Villa noble

This deluxe bedroom has a colour scheme and an evergreen green lounge. The rest of the room is warm gray purple, and the green really pulls it out. Consider adding contrast patches to the space to create an existing new color event.

The continuity of the bricks on the floor, walls and sink makes this space feel open.

This loft apartment has a masculine feel with dark furniture .

The contrast between clean chairs and luminaires and curved heaters is gorgeous.

The black and yellow chairs are super deluxe and are turned out from marble and white kitchens. The color is also attached to the beautiful black marble behind the book. Perfect contrast!

Most of the space is black and white, and the highlights are gold. But the designers added a glimmer of light to the clean space, which was covered with zebra-like rugs - adding some features.

The black and white attic bedroom is decorated with rustic brown chairs in the corner, bringing a touch of organic elegance to this masculine space. Don't be afraid to throw something different in your bedroom to add some changes.

The sheets on the wooden wall are warm and grey.

Brick honeycomb adds texture and interesting geometric patterns to this space. Consider using different sharpening tiles for your bathroom to add some luxury.

You may not be so lucky to shower in front of such a landscape, but you can enter your own bathroom with a little extravagance, with a wonderful mood. This space is under the stairs leading to the bathtub, with warm lighting above the sink and bathtub. The light from all these wonderful surfaces will reflect true luxury in your space - making you feel in the attic