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Interior design Scandinavian Ms Van Anh - Vinhomes 3 bedrooms

Scandinavian interior design space has become so popular with recent mid-range apartments. Here, a 100m2 Vinhomes apartment is a warm living space, a bit of Nordic air mixed to create new living space for a new generation is growing.

For Scandinavian style, porous brick wall styles are favored in many contemporary living room scenery. A brick-and-mortar material is an important feature of Nordic design but is less well known because some customers do not like this rudimentary form.


At this angle of view, you can see the dining room table and balconies used white porcelain tiles to decorate and create a highlight for space. A perfect combination of Scandinavian style is wood flooring, a subtle set of flooring that spans the interior of the home.

At night, the floor will be more colorful, the floor will be an ideal color to beat the color of the interior color contrast in this space. Curtains are no less important because it increases the romance of space.

Due to the needs of the customer there is a piano in the living room so the piano is placed near the entrance, in the middle of the living room is also an impressive idea when entering the living room. Kitchen walls are laid with light blue glass creating a little color for the kitchen space on the white kitchen cabinets under the theme of the house.


Design by Vo Thuy


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