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Interior design smart apartment with only 20m2

This interior design uses compact layout but still enough functionality. Only 20m2 but contains a unique personality. If you are open to wish for a small home ideal for yourself. Let us build it perfectly. A small house can meet the dark has what you want. Or arrange to rearrange what you have aesthetically pleasing.

Here, the difficult space that we have conquered. It is the breakthrough innovation in our products. You will find the apartment extremely simple but still modern features of the small apartment movement today.

Living room space.

The talented designers have brought the house that looks bright and spacious. Since there are only 20m2 customers need a whole change. Make the home feel more spacious and adequate for the family

Simple lines with light color. Helping us feel the room looks much bigger than it really is. Designers used monochrome images with little color. To bring a little fun to the space without distorting the visual.

Interior design in bright colors should highlight other dark objects. From brick to wall or kitchen utensils, it is the art of contrast.

Smart bedroom

Smart bed is designed in combination with a wardrobe. This helps to improve the area significantly. Besides, the design also helps to keep the bed longer because of this cabinet. A smart bed edge helps cover part of the light early in the morning.

Not all interior design is 100% new furniture. Because of that, some of the seats in the picture are refurbished. Because some people like to keep the memories in the lightest way. Because the chair is classic, the rest of the chair is designed for the same. Unusual bathroom.

The bathroom is designed in most break in the apartment. Despite its small size, it is used in many ways. Due to the clear lines and the color of the mount, it creates a unique frame of mind when it comes to smoothing


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