Cafe Hotel

Interior design Spa quality 217m2 - Dinh Tien Hoang District 1

Interior Design Spa in the heart of District 1 is a complex issue because it must meet the criteria and criteria for the best Spa system. For professional spa design we need to pay attention to the shimmer, elegance of the design will help the customer very well. In addition, the interior also plays an important role in quality when customers use.

Interior design room interior reception.

The seating area fits into a corner of the ground, which can accommodate a sufficient number of guests thanks to the elegantly designed long sofa.

The front desk is of great importance because it is the face of the whole company, so it is not unreasonable to put the money into this place.

Simple wooden shelves with modern shapes, decorative items will stand out when the back is light with enough light to beautiful background.

View from the lobby outside the reception.

The upstairs area is also decorated with a bit of green space and plaster accents are a great idea.

The overall view of the whole project outside.

Interior space design of the Spa.

The main sleeping space at the Spa.

Small bedroom space at Spa.

Space design kitchen interior.

Modern style furniture is designed compact but functional enough.

One way to look at the kitchen is not too high but also to satisfy every homeowner.

Toilet room space.

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