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Interior design style industry Vinhomes Golden Bason - Ms Thuy

The industrial-style interior design carries a cool and trendy aesthetic of exposed tiles and rough concrete walls, often with exposed pipes, pipes and wires. With warm wood tones, the interior of the interior is warm and comfortable for your space. A bit of greenery in the home will really lively and provide fresh air for your whole family.

The modern sofa further divides the room, and the back is firmly facing the kitchen dining area.

Protect a thick plank of wood on the concrete struts so that the media unit faces the sofa. The ambient light source is emitted from a modern chandelier set at one end of the TV rack.

Colourful indoor plants decorate the other end of the communication device. The cornice leaves the corner of the room and directs the eye to a separate bookcase with LED lighting.

These plants grow on a set of concrete slabs on the main floor.

The black cabinet and light table surface form a wall kitchen with an island. The hanging lights hang vertically in the center of the dining table and sit comfortably three during the meal time.

The entrance leads directly to the living area with no doors in the middle. Light tracking runs between two spaces without breaking the line.

There is a glass wardrobe in the master bedroom to showcase the costumes at any time. Wardrobe lighting makes the wardrobe even more spectacular.

A wall-mounted communication device for a footrest.

The home office area extends along the window walls of the bedroom and is decorated with fabric.

Two bedroom chandeliers illuminate the head unit, plus geometric growers and posters, continuing the red tone from the living room.

An integrated watershed cuts into the counter of the modern bathroom vanity.

The shower screen is separated from the wet area of ​​the room and has a bathtub.

A towel heater is provided at the exit of the wet area.