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Interior design Vinhomes B3 - Mr Hung 2 bedrooms

For the interior design of Vinhomes apartments, we are too familiar with the modern style of this place. But to choose a color that really adds to the freshness and dynamism of everyday life. Elegant modern interiors create the most exquisite space possible.

Living room and kitchen space is used as a blue theme. The use of blue will create a feeling of welcome a fresh air of green energy to help you boast of energy to beat the hot days. The green is symbolic of luck as the clover is kept by the person to bring good luck to the owner. As with feng shui, green will help to reduce the number of stakes and relieve the stress of the mind.

Not only is it a lucky color, it also offers a good contrasting color to the white color in this space. In addition, blue helps increase concentration when watching television.

Dining table is arranged in the living room. The side walls are simply decorated with wall paper, but the corner is designed to increase the shimmer of pictures and stickers in a subtle way.

Common living space is the place to retain the memories of the family with the large wall array is empty to close the family pictures create the warmth for space.

Kitchen cabinets are designed not sophisticated, modern design is used the glossy mirror (Acrylic) is the most luxurious cabinets.



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