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Interior design with light Pastel color for the apartment

If you are preparing to redesign your home, you will be very anxious to choose a new color. Pastel colors are known as soft colors that are blended together to accentuate each of the colors used in Europe.

The color journey begins in the living room, with some pink cushions creating highlights on the sofa, in cooperation with a circular area rug. A colorful oil painting with sofas and carpets creates a wall in harmony with the whole of space.

A design of the cave is slightly small but just enough to use but not cause a narrow. In addition, a corridor will not disappoint you with the large capacity to help your house more neat.

Transparent floors are a lightweight solid wood, complementing the soft colors of soft furniture.

In the dining area, black dining chairs surround the dining table, suitable for using bright colors for the tea table. The inside doors are made of a black smoked glass. They slide open along the glider, not the hinges, allowing each room to be opened to become a whole open space.

Round and white dining table, a recipe is repeated by the shape and color of the table light dining light features, and the white decorative vase in the lounge space.

A wonderful green space for extra living room looks more natural green.

Dining room lamps act as a tool designed to anchor the dining area in the dining room-living room for two purposes.

The pink kitchen cabinets do not have a handle on the red color, an unusual but effective option. Soft colors are created by pairing it with a kitchen wall and black devices. The modern faucet is also matte black to blend with the wall rather than matching the white kitchen sink and counters.

Unique hanging plants are a new way to dress up an interior program. This looks particularly effective as a feature on a breakfast bar light, nestled with the installation of light fixtures

Ordinary dining chairs have a wooden counter to mark it as a separate feature.

Decorative vase transforms the dining area in addition to firing into something a bit more special. Sparkling wine glasses and location settings with matching colored napkins add to the effect.

A small garden of the house in the house decorate the entrance of the house.

You can plant trees indoors built directly into the living room wall.

In contrast to the pink panel, the front door is blue.

Here we can see scenes of peeping through the living room from the hallway.

In the bedroom, the whole wall was painted in the same shade as the red curtains.

A bench press and pedestal blended with their pink surroundings, while the rest of the bedroom furniture is shades deeper than the gray. A large ball-shaped lamp shines its light on one of the charcoal table lamps, while a floor lamp is on the other side.

Behind the sliding glass door, the wardrobe system features a combination of a gray bar and light colored drawers that match the floor and wood paneling on the bed wall.

A wall-mounted entertainment unit is combined with an overhead counter that is used as a dressing table.

The wall lamp on the dressing table matches the bedside light.

The bedroom has a small table area, complete with storage rack.

Children's beds are a great place to convey a bit of fun to decorate their room, and this bed with a Mickey Mouse bed brings some Disney magic. Modern kennels are complemented by natural-colored floor mats and laundry baskets. A set of letters decorating the wall space above the bed of the baby, they are color matching wall for a delicate ending.

The decor of the child is sprinkled with sweet elements, such as the wall of the house and the cell phone on the cloud.

Two Scandinavian style cans on the cake keep the room neat and easy to hold. A pine wood drawer fits into the toy unit.

A bed base set provides more storage options.

A round black cushion is combined with a black Mickey Mouse bed.

The family bathroom has a combination of coffee color and cream.


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