Interior design for rent

Internal content for sleep for multiple co storage space - Ms Hoa

The apartment is decorated in a modern style and this bedroom is not as simple as other houses. A beautiful life is a symbol of rest. This is a relatively compact space for all the functions it has achieved - plenty of storage, work space and artwork. Here, the theme of the gray is the general neutrality of the colorful decoration.


The bookcase occupies the left wall of the bed. The small table and the included lights allow you to read easily until you sleep.


On the right side, fill the space with a neat little table and another bookshelf. The workspace continues around the wardrobe walls.


The upper closet space and the small cupboard fill the rest of the space between the workbench and the media panel.


Graphic design enthusiasts will love this bedroom. Although the layout contained two young siblings, his own style completely exceeded the age or lifestyle. Yellow details pop up on a soft gray background, allowing bold patterns to share the room without distracting the rigor of the decoration.


Typography, sculpture and bold geometric forms represent innovative applications of today's most popular design trends.