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Kingdom Tower - Advanced Tower is completed

In city Jeddah - the commercial capital of the city of Saudi Arabia, has the largest sea of ​​the Red Sea owned the most ancient works. The device is around the area looks beautiful to the first status. The tower of the tower - the building of the first of the most being completed.

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill is a 2 game for your building building.

Arabic Seychelles main is the location of the tower - to Jeddah.

The Tower of the Kingdom of the Image of the Image of the Image and the Image to be on 200.

Bottom foot under the trade, has both hotels are found in the bottom below.

Giấc cao cao chiều 1000m we think the tower is a primary level and the primary city is a small miniature in the city Jaddah.

The following is $ 2.2 billion.

Lung main is the following level of the 157 level of the tower, the you will be deadness with its height.

The primary color color is the icon of the mine.

This is Burj Khalifa at Dubai, Kingdom Tower over 172m

To this time, the tower complete 60 floors in the project will be complete to the 2020, but the tower is not specified by the building will be the first of the building because the many jobs are in the expected phase.

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