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Minimalist interior design for small rental apartments

This modern blue living room is a peaceful oasis with minimalist style that we can create. From the modern Scandinavian bench, the Wegner-style couch chair to the unique, well-named floor lamp is the Grasshopper (a new grasshopper chair), everything looks beautiful in the air. this time.

As we saw in previous units, pre-built templates are ideal for creating stylish, high-end solutions. The wonderful glass surface of this blue powder helps to highlight the rest of the room, and all features are flat-screen TVs.

Some other views of the cabinet and its asymmetrical appeal. Tráckhôngsẵnsàngcácloạimởrộng gave it a clean and tidy feel, which is what a small lounge called for.

Dive into the dining room/kitchen. The combination of white, oak and stainless steel creates excellent contrast in texture and color.

The white radiator brings classic charm to the room, while the spiral arm lights of Serge Mouille 3 add modernity. Modern modular chair with a large number of configuration options. Absolutely a good choice for a multi-functional family.

The combination of tables and tables in this kitchen is unexpected. In fact, all four chairs do not fit, adding a peculiar feeling to the kitchen and making things interesting. Modern highlights are actually top black cherry.

The oak trim and light floor made on the balcony do fit together with other aesthetics of the house. The unique factory display is not only ideal for growing your favorite green plants, but it is also doubled compared to a private control panel.

The wall cabinets in this fantastic blue kitchen are minimalist but will have a big impact. The top oven and kitchen only add this stylish linear design.

The first thing we noticed in this black and white bedroom is the unique Flos Mod 265 spiral arm wall lamp.

Black bedding has a huge influence in this space, contrasting with white walls, bright wood finishes and modern white swivel chairs.

Of course, we will go from bed to office for 2 seconds! The table is made up of side shelves and ample work space for a practical and modern home office. The Serge Mouille wall light is also very suitable for this kind of work space because it is very flexible and does not take up any space.

There is not much color in this house, beside blue, this makes Eames's bird really changed. He may be the coolest colleague ever!

Simple and stylish, this home can be used to describe modest hallways and bathrooms. We found that blue was brought to this side of the house and cleverly marked with ornate marble.

Seen from above. This really gave us the feeling of how perfectly fit each room in this small and powerful apartment.


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