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Modern 2-bedroom La Astoria apartment style

Interior design of 2-bedroom apartment La Astoria modern style The apartment is called perfect, there are two factors to confirm. The first is to be located in a building with modern technology design, nice looking surroundings. The second is to own a class interior design, a personal style or personality in design. That would be to make an impressive difference to all eyes.

Preliminary observation, the interior of the apartment is young style style through the array of colors. Apartment design using modern, youthful colors to make the space become lively and more fun. The main color systems in this apartment are: White, Blue and Yellow create dynamic and overwhelming power. This tricolor is reflected from the walls to the carpet, creating a unified apartment.

The lamp shines like a glittering "constellation" existing in the living room.

The floor area of ​​the kitchen is lined with the same color as the kitchen cabinets that create the kitchen bar with the living room. On the kitchen floor, architects do not use glass like other designs. It is transformed into a very elegant hexagonal brick, creating a flair in the kitchen area. Space design bedroom child.

A "picture" is designed from simple foam and paint but very meaningful.

The bookcase is made into a "pink house" fresh for the room.

Interior Design Bedroom Master Bedroom.

Not one but many of the hanging paint makes a much stronger impression.


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