Interior design knowledge

Modern beauty in high-end interior design

The interior design of this apartment is made of slightly expensive materials. Like: marble, oak wood are incorporated in the most natural way. Create a unique and elegant space for this modern style apartment.

Room space is utilized to maximize natural light. Thanks to the design of the door glass doors, the room is absorbed all natural air outside. Luxury comes from outside

If you pull the curtain, the living room is extremely luxurious. Long sofa in the eyes to anyone to look at. Co-ordinate the same curtains with the sofa. This perfect combination brings a luxurious interior space one step further.

Surrounding are the highlights from the soft furnishings. Wooden bookshelves add elegance and the simplest design. The contrasting sofa table highlights the things on the table. Such as decorate more cotton, flower basket ...... You can add cute furniture items such as dwarf chairs, hammock chairs, mini tables. These interior items will enliven more space in the living room a lot.

In the middle of the room is a modern fireplace, which helps keep warm during cold days. Look at the fireplace and enjoy a cup of coffee every day. Smart TV cabinet

Interior design of this apartment has a secret "gas". That is the TV can open very modern. If closed, will be part of the decoration of the apartment.

For people to guess how many inches of TV before opening it is pretty good. Space at the open smart cabinets .