Interior design for rent

Modern design in the apartment building Thuy

The apartments in the apartment are very popular in the city. Ho Chi Minh. Each apartment has an interior design to express the impression striking. So the lines and design are important in expressing that impression.

Interior design of living room.

The main color of Hanh's modern style is white and wood for interior. Normally, modern style will highlight a lot of brilliant bright colors. But this apartment owner does not want to pick out only the color is simple white. Do not like wood so the floor is lined with white brick with the color of the wall. The apartment will become much brighter because there is no natural light due to no window.

It is designed small because of the modest area, but enough to own a corner of life quite well. TVs are placed on the shelves instead of hanging so we can move the cabinets and TVs comfortably.

This compact dining table can be taken off the table as a tray of rice, very convenient for cleaning. Legs can be folded down to easily fold.

The dining table is completely elegant oak, very cool and formal. This wooden table is also a highlight because the background is white.

Interior design baby bedroom space.

A kind of lamp illuminates the baby's bed. It helps children to read books without light, as a highlight for the room.

Interior design bedroom parent bedroom.



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