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Modern style interior design with white luxury

The interior design of these simple homes has no color confusion. They will represent an aspirational lifestyle of business people. White on the design will harmonize the idea of ​​minimalist style. They will keep your home clean without the lack of stylish interior.

A fully furnished 890 square feet (82 square meters) fully furnished house is designed for a newlywed couple.

A white interior is mainly in neat, compact style, especially the very gentle eyes look.

Even the design of the sloping ceilings and gentle curves in a way that feels the thinnest.

Being able to find a white version that can be combined with different materials, such as ceilings, walls and coffee tables can be a challenge in simple style design projects.

The white shades can be as varied as gray, with blue or gold shades, cool or warm.

The white in this particular home is a cool tone, allowing cool wood flooring as well as gray upholstered chairs for combined sofa.