Interior design Luxury

Mr Hoang - Vinhomes Block Central 1

Interior design Vinhomes apartment is one of our high-end projects in the complex Vinhomes Central Park. An apartment is designed in modern style but in high quality standard. Because the budget is not a problem, we have not hesitated to create a product that satisfies customers and is extremely beautiful.

Option 1: Design by Pham Xuan Truong

The style of interior design of the whole apartment follows a modern style of luxury, the first look at also make you worry. This unique personality style is created by our home based counselor on how to live and how to live.

Along with the lifestyle of high quality hotels because his business is business, his apartment will have the direction he wants, bring a modern luxury to his home. We can feel the panoramic view of the apartment, the beauty of a large and luxurious hotel.

In this apartment, every interior is highlighted prominently on the light background color of the walls. Impressive at the dining area as well as the common activity is an abstract square with red dots that give the house an unforgettable touch for the viewer.

Looking out from the large window looking at the living room At this point of view you will see more about the surface of the room with its subtle points and lines. The space here creates three different walls that create a constant change of view to avoid feeling boring for the apartment.

Space design bedroom apartments.

A little pink for the extra feminine room to pick up our princess.

The wardrobe area is conveniently designed to incorporate glass for a place to show off beautiful clothes.

When looking at all girls face must love because of the light pink gently too.

If the design changes to a son or grandparent, this design will be very appropriate.

The parents' room seems to be warmer because of the abundance of wood. Most designs use dark colors to match the user's age.

If you like the belt, you can also use bright colors that will bring luxury and bright home.

Plan 2 : Design by Trần Huệ